Graduate Certificates

Public Management and Leadership Graduate Certificate


This 15 s.h. certificate is open to students seeking to enhance public management and leadership knowledge and skills. Admission to the program is dependent on meeting the Graduate School’s admission requirements for certificate programs and approval of the MPA director. This certificate is not open to students already enrolled in the MPA program. For further information, please contact the director of the MPA program.

Required courses are the following:

  • PADM 6110 Human Resource Management in Public Agencies
  • PADM 6220 Leadership and Ethics in the Public Sector

Electives may be taken from the following:

  • PADM 6101 Analysis for the Public Sector
  • PADM 6123 Economic Development
  • PADM 6124 State and Local Government Finance
  • PADM 6165 Program Evaluation
  • PADM 6170 Intergovernmental/Interagency Relations
  • PADM 6140 Administrative Law and Ethics

Admission requirements are available from the director of the MPA program in the Department of Political Science.



Economic Development Graduate Certificate

For more information on the Economic Development Certificate please visit the Graduate Catalog.